Modules of Ecom365cloud

Category Management

- Manage sub-categories and categories

- Set categories as “Inactive” or “active” - category

- Search & sort to easily find categories

- Feature categories within navigation or on the homepage

- Manage categories images and thumbnails

- Set SEO elements and page URL's for categories

Admin Management

- Admin will handle all product and services.

- Admin have all rights to change front end side.

- Admin will manage products, orders and customer account.

Cart Management

- Stores product information.

- A gateway for customer, order and catalog management.

- Renders product categories, site information and data for user and display.

Channel partner management

- Management of coupon category wise.

- Report management and overall business getting from coupon.

- Details of associates and business partner.

Brand Management

- Manage brand logo`s

- Feature brands on homepage.

- Set brands as "active" or "inactive"

- Manage brand detailed information

Product Management

- Sort and Search to easily find products in certain categories or with specific attributes.

- Easily manage and edit products.

- Product fields include name, details, price list, your price, weight, stock, minimum quantity order amount, handling cost and more.

- Add or modify main product image and additional product image.

- Feature products on homepage.

- Set product as "Inactive" or "active".

- Add product to a single category or multiple categories.

- Add and manage product options and option groups.

- Add and manage products.

- Add and manage accessories.

- Manage (approve or delete) product reviews.

Content Management


- Manage content page or create new.

- Manage upload image library

- Image editing and cropping

- Set page as "Inactive" or "active".


- Manage published blog

- Set blog publish date

- Set Blog as "Inactive" or "active".

- Add blog summary and full blog post.

- Manage upload image library

- Manage blog author and category

- Attach publish blog`s to product pages


- Manage homepage banner.

- Manage homepage banner.

- Set banner as "Inactive" or "active".

- Set url for banner.

- Manage banner details.

Auto email / msg

- Set email or message for order status.

- Set thank you email or message for product review and blog comment.

- Set message or email for any product purchase.


- Manage all product`s review

- Set reviews to "Rejected" or "Approved".


- Manage all comment`s.

- Set comment as "Rejected" or "Approved".

Customer Management

- Search and sort to easily find customer`s by first name or last name.

- Manage (Add, Delete, Modify) customer accounts.

- View customer details and product reviews.

- Reset customer password as per request.

- Export all customer`s to excel, word or any other format.

- View individual customer product reviews.

Order Management

- Search and sort to easily find Order`s by specific veriables.

- Add or Update order status.

- View customer order whole information

- Add private notes for order.

- Create and manage order status.

- Export orders to excel.

Discount & Promotion

- Create and manage discount codes.

- Add discount codes to categories, products and brand.

- Add discount code which affect shipping cost.

- Set discount or promotion code "Inactive" or "Active".

- Set and manage code dates for "Activation or Inactive".

Payment Management

- Payment Gateway Integration

- Multiple Currency Support.

- "Active" or "Inactive" available payment types.

- Allow offline payment option.

- Manage Online Payment account`s.